Monday, March 3, 2014

Vocabulary list in English, Hebrew and French

I am finding that I need to teach beginners English, and they sometimes speak Hebrew and sometimes speak French.  So I'm learning French right now.  I have an old book, The Berlitz Self-Teacher French book published in 1949, Here is a link to the updated version.  The Berlitz Self-Teacher French
but I don't think that French has changed so much.  There are new words, of course relating to technology, but they are taken usually from English.  I looked up all the words in two dictionaries, a French -English one and then a Hebrew English one.

Feel free to use this list in your teaching as well.  Watch for further blog posts with more vocabulary words.

Here are my vocabulary words that I have learned this week so far.

couteau a knifeסכין
forchette a fork מזלג
assiette a plateצלחת
verre a glassכוס
tasse a cupםפל
bon goodטוב
papier paperנייר
dans in בתוך
le vin the wineהיין
manger to eatלאכול
nous weאנחנו
buvons we drinkאנחנו שותים
mettons we putאנחנו שמים
mange I eatאני אוכל אני אוכלת
pain breadלחם
ai haveיש לי יש לך
en someכמה
beaucoup manyהרבה
sucre sugarסוכר
prennent we takeאנחנו לוקחים
ecrivev you writeאתה כותב את כותבת
litreadקורא קוראת
allumettes matchesגפורים
eau waterמים
encre inkדיו
crayon pencilעפרון
plume penעט
mauvais badרע
rose roseורד
fraise strawberryתות שדה
odeur odor odorריח רע
biere beerבירה
choses thingsדברים
musee museumמוזאיום
laid uglyמכוער
singe monkeyקוף
cheval horseסוס
chamean camelגמל
paon peacockטווס
nitou owlינשוף
frommage cheeseגבינה
gout tasteטעם
citronnade lemonלימון
pommes applesתפוחים
asperges asparagusאדפגוס
monnaie currencyמטבע
viande meatבשר
haricot beanשעועית
anglais Englishאנגלית
repas mealארוחה
doigts fingersאצבעות
cheveux hairשיערות
boite boxקופסה


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