Friday, February 7, 2014

Active to Passive Game for your class. Use during a class party at the end of the year!

Activity: Change to Passive This can be used for the last day of class party, before a vacation.

Level: High-intermediate through advanced

Preparation: around 5 minutes

Time: 30 minutes

Directions: Print this page. Fill in the blank spaces with the names of some of your students. Copy on to colored paper or card stock and cut the sentences into strips. Divide the class into teams. This game is played in rounds. For each round, give every team one strip. Students work together to change the active voice sentence to passive. One member of the group races to the board and rewrites the sentence in the passive--if possible. (Almost all the sentences can be changed to passive; there are just a few that can't- to throw a wrench into the activity.) You can add more sentences.

 You check the sentences with the class and keep track of each team's points on the board.
Scoring is as follows: Grammatically perfect sentences are worth 5 points. An incorrect passive voice
sentence is worth 0 points. Subtract one point for every other type of grammatical mistake.

Scientists observed the tigers for six days.

Scientists are investigating the possibility of life on other planets.

When we walked into the classroom, the teacher had already given the assignment.

Some teachers cleaned up the teachers’ room.

I think the students will have drunk most of the coffee by the time we arrive.

People believe that San Francisco is a warm city.

Ben made the coffee.

Avi’s cat broke the vase.

Everyone thinks that San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the US.

Our findings will intrigue the world.

Someone will tell us by this time next week.

Many people visit Disneyland every year.

Someone has washed the dishes.

Someone poisoned the king’s dinner.

What happened to you last night?

John needs to have someone fix his car.

Mother wants to have someone clean her house.

Maybe we can have someone fix the heat.

A penny hit David on the head.

Yossi could not fall asleep.

A pack of wild students attacked Yinon.

The United States will win the next World Cup.

Ofir ate Shomi’s lunch.

The police dragged the thief away.

John will wash the dishes tonight.

The computer needs to get fixed!

Turn off the water!

The Mars rover is still doing experiments for ten years.

Marci cured her cough by drinking lemon juice with hot chili powder.

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