Monday, July 22, 2013

There are FOUR uses for the Future Progressive!

The Future Progressive describes and action that will take place in the future for a period of time.

There are also 4 uses of this tense.

There are two forms of this tense, and Native English speakers don't make a difference in meaning between them, so you shouldn't either.

The first from is: will be verb+ing


I will be teaching this evening.
She will be arriving from New York at the end of the week.
They will be studying for the IELTS exam for an entire year.

The other form use "going to be"


You are going to be studying for the TOEFL tonight?
They are going to be cooking all week for the holidays.
I am going to be teaching next year.
He is going to be playing football for Manchester United soon.


He is not going to be writing his book because he is in the hospital.
We are not going to be reading this book this year.
I am not going to be buying a new smart phone next month.


Are you going to be buying a new computer?
Is he going to be driving tonight?
Am I going to be teaching at your school?

Uses of the Future Progressive:

1. Two actions in the future that one will interrupt the other.

We will be working on the project when he calls.
They are going to be cooking dinner when she arrives.
I will be teaching when you come to class.

2. At a specific time in the future, something long term will happen.

At 7;00pm I will be teaching for three hours.
At 4:00am he will be sleeping, so don't call at that time.

3. Two long term actions will happen at the same time in the future.

Tonight, I will be reading and the kids will be doing their homework.
Tomorrow night we will be eating at the restaurant, and they will be sitting at home.

4. The general climate in the future.

At the party, they will be celebrating her birthday, they are going to be dancing, I will be singing, and he will be playing the guitar.

Good luck learning the Future Progressive!

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