Sunday, July 14, 2013

Did you know that there are FOUR uses of the Present Simple Tense?

This is a sample of what I have been teaching lately to my students!

There are four uses of the Present Simple Tense.

1. When we want to say what happens every day. Example:  Everyday I check my Facebook page.
This is an action that I do automatically, so the word "check" in the above sentence is in the Present Tense.

2. An action that is a proven fact.  Example:  The Earth is round.  This has been accepted as a proven fact, This might not have been accepted as a fact in the past, but now it is a proven fact so we use the Present Simple to describe it.

3. When we talk about feelings. Example:  I love salads.  I like Klezmer music.  He likes to eat chocolate. For these "actions" we use the Present Simple.

4. We can use the Present Simple to describe an event that will happen in the near future.
 Example: He flies to New York this week.  How do we know that this event is in the future?  We know because we put in the time expression "this week".  The verb is in the Present Simple Tense, but the whole sentence refers to a future event.

I hope that this has been useful to you! See you in class!

Rachael Alice Orbach  

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