Sunday, December 23, 2012

Today's Date in History

I just found a very interesting site, Today's Date in History.

Just to start out, I picked today's date, December 23rd.

In the classroom, you could use this for a writing assignment, or a research project.

Example.  Take an event and show how it was significant or not,

One event that was insignificatn:
1975Congress passes Metric Conversion Act

Well, this didn't work because in the United States people still use the old system of measurement!  When I was growing up, we used inches, yards and miles.
The temperature is in Fahrenheit, and in the kitchen we use cups, quarts and gallons.

Did the fact that Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act really change the way that Americans measure the world?  Not really.  I was going to school during the 70's and really, people in the States still measure the old way.  Coming to Israel where the measurements really are in Metric was a big change for me!  And to tell the truth, in the kitchen I still measure in cups!

Rachael Orbach  

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