Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacationing during the summer

If you are like me, then you like to get away during the summer when it is very hot here in Israel.

There are many places to go where you can use your English.  I like to return to where I grew up in Los Angeles.

I have wonderful memories of Disneyland, rollerskating up and down Santa Monica Beach, playing First chair in the Santa Monica Symphonic Band, One time I was late to the performance which was on the boardwalk,  I parked in the tall parking garage, put money in the meter (not enough as it turns out) and put on my purple rollerskates, that just happened to match my dress, and pelted through the streets with my clarinet in the backpack.  I got there just as the Band Director had almost given up.  They left me a seat on the edge, so I saw my seat, rolled down the incline, grabbed the clarinet, put it together and the Director, Wally Umber nodded at me as I had the reed on the mouthpiece and we began to play.  Such memories of California!

Here is a blog post of places to visit in California if you are making plans, don't miss these!

If you want to stay in Israel there are lots of places to go up North!

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