Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lesson Plan to use at the end of the year Mind Matters Text book

I have  used Mind Matter from Eric Cohen for many years.  I have to keep updating myself with this book and come up with new ways of presenting the lessons and using the material in the book.  Here is a lesson plan that I use to finish Unit 3.  Good Luck! 
Rachael Orbach 

Lesson Plan Outline
Level: Intermediate 3rd Stage      Grade 8th          Date May 24

Lesson 4  This is a double class period lesson to finish the unit.

Access to Information,  Presentation and Appreciation of Literature and Culture

Understand the structure and conventions of a trivia quiz.
Use additional information tools, such as reference and the Internet.
Present information taken from different sources.

Materials: Mind Matters course book, Extra paper, writing materials.
Set Induction:  5 minutes
Teacher asks the class:
What is a trivia quiz? We turn to page 65 in the course book, and do the quiz out loud as a game with two teams.

Practice:  15  minutes
Pair work: The students use the Internet and encyclopedias to make up 20 musical questions.  The students write their questions and answers in their notebooks.

Production:  15 minutes
 The same two teams that were used in the beginning of class now play 20 questions with the trivia questions that the pairs of students wrote.  Points are awarded to the side that answers in the shortest time period.
Each pair in the class takes turns running the game. 
Closure 5 minutes
Homework is given: Students write 5 sentences about the most interesting trivia fact from their own questions and hand in the work the next class meeting.

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