Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lesson for Yom Yerushalim!

I use this text and the simple question below for a end of lesson - homework on Yom Yerushalim, which falls today and at my son's school which is in the Rova also tomorrow.  Happy Yom Yerushalim! 
Rachael Orbach 

The Seven Gates and The Six Day War
For nearly twenty years, Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, was a
divided city. The new city was part of Israel. The Old City was
controlled by the Arabs. The Israelis were not allowed to enter it.
One day, in 1967, war broke out in Israel. The soldiers of Israel
fought bravely and won great victories. This war lasted six-days, so
it was called the Six-Day War. When the soldiers reached the Old City
of Jerusalem they looked at the huge wall around it. They looked at
the eight gates (seven are open, one is closed). They did not know
which gate to go through to enter the Old City. Each gate begged, one
louder than the other, "Come in through me!"

Even G-d could not decide. The angel Michael said, "G-d in Heaven, let
each gate speak and explain why it should be chosen. Then you will
decide which gate is the most worthy and through which gate the
soldiers will enter." G-d thought this was an excellent idea.
The Jaffa Gate spoke first. "I am a very strong: no wind can blow over
me. The tower of David stands near me."
The Shechem Gate (Damascus Gate) was second. "I am the biggest and the
most beautiful of all the gates."
The Zion Gate spoke third. "I am hurt and broken from all the fighting
around me, but my name is the name of the Holy City - Zion."
The Dung Gate was fourth. "For centuries, Jerusalem’s garbage was
thrown on me, but I don’t care. The Western Wall is next to me. I help
it with words of hope when it is sad."
The Flower Gate spoke fifth. "Let the soldiers enter through me and
I’ll give them flowers."
The sixth voice was The New Gate. "I am the smallest and the newest. I
try to fight off the Arabs. Maybe the soldiers will enter through me
and help me."
Next the seventh gate, The Golden Gate(Mercy Gate), shouted. "Master
of the Universe, you promised that the Jews would return to the Temple
Mount in Jerusalem through me." The angels said the Golden Gate can
only be opened when the Messiah comes.
The eighth and last gate was silent. "Speak" G-d said.
The Lion’s Gate spoke softly. "My heart is breaking at all the
fighting. It doesn’t  matter through which gate the soldiers enter as
long as the fighting is stopped."
G-d and the angels whispered among themselves. Then G-d spoke, turning
to The Lion’s Gate. "You care more for the lives of the soldiers than
you do for your own honor. The soldiers of Israel will enter the Old
City through you.
The soldiers passed through The Lion’s Gate and freed the city. At the
Western Wall, they blew the shofar. Everyone then knew that the gates
of the Old City were open and Jerusalem was united once again.

                Taken from The Six-Days and the Seven Gates
                                by Yitzhak Navon

Gate    What did the gate say?








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this is perfect, thank you so much for sharing and I will definitely use it with my tenth grade today.

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