Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ai worksheet

I use this when I am teaching privately.  
I read the words and then have the student figure out the sound of ai with the different words. 

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Ai   worksheet
Say these words to your neighbor and translate:  
תגיד המילים ותרגם לעברית
to paint __________________                                     rain_______________
red hair___________________                                    jail________________
to wait for the train______________                             a chair ____________
Match the rhyming words:  
להתאים את המילים החרוזים 
1. jail                 crazy
2. rain                     mail
3.wait                bare
4. hair                           train
5. Daisy                 hate
השלימו את המשפטים
Complete the sentences:
1.It's late.  I can't _________ for you.(want, wait)
2. The robber is in ____________ .(jail, jam)
3. Sit on this______________. (hair, chair)
4. There are clouds in the sky.  It is going to
_________. (train, rain)
Match the rhyming words
להתאים את המילים החרוזים 
play                say
walk              toot
wait                   phone
saxophone         date   
flute             talk 
What does the ay letters say?  Say ay  What does a say? Say a.  
Fill in the missing letters: ay or a  
השלימו את האותיות החסרות.
W____t for me!  I can't.  I'm going out to pl _ at the
p__rk.  I want to pl___ b__ll too! 
Ok, come with me.  I'll w___t. 

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