Sunday, April 22, 2012

A walk to the Sea!

As I walk from the Old Central Bus Station to the sea 
How much is that Dali in the window?  300 shekels and it is only a poster? 
An underground street crossing - Dark 
A cool break from the 34 C heat

A man yelling Dollar Dollar standing outside the Bank. 
A vendor, obviously to tired to yell has recorded his spiel. 

"Four shekels, Four shekels Plastic water toys that swim!" 

A couple run to the bus, covered in sweat. 

A young man strumming the guitar, competes with the radio from next door, it is hopeless for him.  Neither wins, I can't hear the song on the radio either. 

A green pedestal with steps that lead up to an empty green chair.   Who sits in that chair?  Yehezkiel the Prophet?  

The Tel Aviv Souk, crowded with merchandise but not with people. 
Maybe they come in the mornings when it is cool. 

A view of the ocean,
Time for a blessing
May God bless all of his creations
With Peace. 

Rachael Orbach 

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