Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to tell time in English

I made a bingo game to teach the students how to tell time.  I cut out the board pieces  and a teacher's board, and instructions.  The object is to cover the student card with buttons.  When the student has covered his/her card, that person has won the game.  You have to give out a prize, that the students will value.  Candy, is usually a big winner. 

The rationale for this game is that to learn to tell time a person needs lots of practice.  This game requires the player to always be looking at the card, and listen to the teacher call out the time and check if it matches the times that are printed on the card.  The players get lots of practice even if the game is played only once in a while.

I even brought this to an very high level 8th grade English speakers' class.  They were also rusty with how to tell time in English with a clock with hands! 

This is good for the end of the year last lesson activity. The reason that I am mentioning it now is that it takes a  long time to prepare the game.  


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