Monday, February 13, 2012

Teaching Good Writing

What are the difficulties of writing?
The issues that most come up are the attitude of the student.

"I can't write", "I don't like to write well", I can't write as well as .So and So" are a few of the complaints that teachers hear. As a teacher you have to deal with the psychological resistance of the student.  In the big picture we are all writers,  we write our lives by the way that we live them.  In order to get it down on paper, or on the computer screen we have to forget about the blank page.

Writing is the process of putting visibly one's invisible thoughts.  Writing is a process. Everyone who writes, reveals his personal thoughts to others. You reveal the way you think and react to the world when you write.
Thoughts are abstractions. It is only when we transform the ideas and write them, they become concrete.

The process of writing takes the invisible and makes it visible.
It takes the abstract and makes it concrete.
Writing can also take the personal and make it public.

More on the writing process in upcoming blog posts!

Have a great day! 

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