Sunday, September 11, 2011

Idioms Make many, much, remember and remind.

make, many, much, remember, remind.

Make often means to produce or create something that was not there before.

Make a bargain - two people agree about money

We made a bargain when we bought that car, we've never had any trouble with it. 

Make the bed - straighten sheets and blankets 

My daughter has to make her bed in order to get her allowance. 

Make believe - imagine

Young children make believe with toys and other household items such as pots and pans! 

Make a mistake - to err  

I'm afraid I made a mistake on my taxes, I hope I won't have to pay a big fine! 

Make a fire.  - light a fire. 

The Indians made fire with flints and stone, but today we use matches. 

Make noise - to cause a loud sound 

Please don't make noise right now, Jill has a migraine headache and 
needs to rests in the next room. 

Make a statement - to release a statement to the press. 

The President is going to make a statement this evening at 7:00pm on national TV. 

Make war - to cause armed conflict

I don't understand why nations have to make war instead of negotiations. 

Many - We use many before or to replace countable nouns - 
actual items that you can touch. 

The number of cellphones is increasing, many more cellphones are sold today than five years ago.  -
 we can count cellphones, it is a physical thing. 

Much -  We use much before or to replace uncountable nouns  There is much more
 traffic on the roads today than ten years ago.    Traffic is an uncountable noun, 
we can't count traffic in general.  

Remember - is conjugated like a regular verb, We use remember to mean recall.  
I didn't  remember to go to my dentist appointment today at 2:00pm. 
I'll have to make another appointment. 

Remind is to cause to recall 
Remind me to pay the telephone bill tomorrow, I'll have the money in the bank then. 

Exercise :  Write 10 sentences using each of these words at least once











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