Friday, August 14, 2015

Napoleon Bonaparte - The Battle of Waterloo

This is a very interesting site that has the news in English in three levels. 
How to use this site. Note to teachers:  1st read the first level news. Make sure that the student knows all the words.  Then move up to the 2nd level. check understanding, then move up to level 3. Levels 1 and 2 have an audio component and level 3 has a video.  This site has funny news as well as more serious subjects for your English students.  

Now the student has knowledge of the subject, and can discuss with the teacher the differences between the levels, and can talk about the subject in more detail. 

Napoleon Bonaparte was a very important person in European History. Read the three levels and listen to the audios to learn more about him.





came to power 



What clothing did Napoleaon Bonaparte like to wear?

What was the name of the battle that he lost?

How many days was he in power after he came back from Elba?

How long ago did he lose the battle?

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