Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to read for Private lessons of low level adult English students.

How to READ!!     
By Rachael Orbach

Lesson 1                Vowels A, E, and O

A  says AA or ah                                     Write the words with the vowel sound 

Baa    A sheep says baa.                               _____________________

La la we sing a Shabbat song                        _____________________

Ay also makes an a sound                              _____________________

Say   Say this word: say.                               _____________________

Stay.  Lets stay home.                                  _____________________

Way    Lets walk this way.                            _____________________
May  May I have some tea please?                _____________________

Ee  sounds

Ee makes an EE sound 

Sheep   The sheep are eating.                      _____________________

Sleep    I will go to sleep at 8 o clock.           _____________________

E also makes a short e sound                         _____________________

Set  Set the table for Shabbat.                   _____________________

Pet   Pet the cat.                                         _____________________

Net  Catch the fish with a net.                    _____________________

O  sounds

Stop  Stop the bike now!                                       _____________________

Top  I like to play with a top on Chaunuka.     _____________________

Mop  I use a mop to clean for Passover.         _____________________

Chop  Chop up the nuts for the Charoset.     _____________________

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yom Ha'atsmaut here in Israel

Yom Ha'atzmaut, 5 Iyar is an important day in the Israeli Calendar.  It is the day that the British Mandate ended, and the Jewish State of Israel was declared.  This was a first in the history of the world, that the Jews finally had their own state, an idea that had been debated ever since the Dryfus Affair at the turn of the 19th Century.  

We should be grateful for Yom Ha'atzmaut. The way the the Israeli holiday calendar works is that the sad days turn into happy days.  This is what happened at the beginning of the State of Israel, the Jews of Europe were decimated by Hitler, and then the Jews gathered together, to say "Never Again!" and fought for their new state.  Today is Yom HaZikron, the Remembrance day, so last night there was a siren, as well as today.  Of course I stopped the car, but I was saddened by the sight of people who just kept on walking during siren's two minute wail. 

Maybe they are too far removed from the realities of war?  They don't have the "remembrance" that before the State of Israel, Jews were vulnerable wherever they lived?  The ultimate sacrifice  that our soldiers made, really made a difference.  We as Jews can feel proud that we have our own state.  I have taught English students from Arab countries as an on-line English teacher, and even now, in the modern world, there are people who are afraid to walk down the street.  Who will disappear tomorrow? 

This will not happen in the State of Israel. Because of our history, we are proud to be Jews, and we have a modern state, yes there are problems, but with Hashem's help, we can solve them. 

Rachael Alice Orbach

Sunday, April 7, 2013

How words make a difference in our lives!

This is a beautiful video, and I am known as NOT a video watcher! It is about how we use words makes a big difference in our lives.

After watching this video, let's all take a step back and see how we can apply this lesson to our own lives.  This is just beautiful.

For those of you that have smart boards, you could use this in class!

Sample lesson plan;

 Have the students take notes while watching the video

Before  What is the situation that you see from the opening frame?  What is the man doing?  Why?

During  Where does the change take place?

Reaction after viewing the video:  Why is what she wrote so much more effective?

Rachael Alice
Private English teacher by phone or Skype

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