Friday, December 30, 2011

Spelling Tests for real learning

What is the purpose of giving spelling tests?

We want to prepare our students for their future lives
and to become good writers.  If someone is a poor speller,
it then reflects back on all other parts of their performance.

The problem with spelling tests is that students only study for
the test.  Then after the test, everything is forgotten.

One way to combat this attitude, is to have each student to have
a personal spelling chart.

When the student gets back the general spelling test,
they should have a different list ready to put all the
words that were missed on the last test.

Then each student will have to learn the review words
for the next week.

This doesn't have to be a lot of extra work for the teacher
however.  When it comes to the spelling test for the nest week,
the teacher can just collect the personal spelling test sheets
from each student, and pick only 5 words from each list
for the test.

It is also helpful to have the student to practice writing
sentences with the missed words.

Spelling  is an important skill for preparing students
for further academic achievement.

This method can be used for students in all grades.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Classroom Management

Now that the holidays are over, it is time to turn our minds
 as teachers to getting things done in class.

Classroom management is an important part of this.

For the younger kids, 1st to 3 grades, they need hands
 on clues to keep their attention on the lessons.

One way is draw a box on the board, in the upper
 right hand corner.
In the box draw smiley faces at random times during
 the lesson when you
see that the class is working well.
If you see a child acting up, then erase one smiley face.
This is to get peer pressure to work on the trouble makers
to stay on task.

You can use other record keeping systems:  You can
hand out chart for the students to keep themselves, and
at the end of the lesson, the teacher goes around and checks
that the students accurately recorded their behavior,

Another way is to have a card for each student with their name
written on it,  and when the student is good, they get a pink mark,
when they are acting up a yellow mark.  Then the teacher counts up
the pinks and the yellows.  When a pre-determined number of pink
marks, the class get the prizes.

The thing about this system, is that there has to be
a concrete prize at a
specified time each week for the class or for each
child. If your school has the
budget for this, then have the school supply the prizes.
 But usually you have to have a "Kupa" for the class and
the money is supplied by the parents.
The prizes don't have to be expensive,  but it is best
that it be something that the children want to work for.
You could also give time off from classwork, or give the
students a party, they could order pizza if the class
is close to lunch time.

For the real trouble makers in the class, you can
have a class contract, and have them personally
responsible for their behavior.  If they act well,
reward them, if not, then you can call the parents.
You have to be careful with calling parents however.
It is best to have a meeting with the parents and have them
on board with your plans with managing their child.
One of the big problems in our schools, is that the teacher
is often in the middle between the student and the parent.
It doesn't have to be this way. The teacher and the parents have
to be on the same side.  What is the goal of the teacher's phone
call?  To have an influence on the child's behavior.  This has
to be a positive experience for everyone.

These are a few ideas that you can use right now.

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