Thursday, August 25, 2016

TOEFL Speaking Topics

TOEFL Speaking

The TOEFL test is an interesting test,  I feel that it comes the closest to a real life situation.
Many people read on the Internet, then they go to a You Tube video and then they talk about it to a friend.  This is that the Integrated Speaking Section of the test measures: How well you can integrate information in different formats together.

So, in order to practice. you have to come up with situations like that!

Here are a few resources that I have used with my students in the past.

Here is a site that has both types of questions:

This site also has all the types of questions.

For the Short Speaking topics only, you can use this site:

It is a little hard to read because the background is in black, but the questions are good to practice on!

So I hope to meet you in class to practice for the TOELF Speaking sections!
Rachael Alice, Your English teacher!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Frozen the Book, Chapter 4, English Conversation, Lesson Plan

Chapter 3 told us the story about the girls troubled childhood. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Frozen Chapter 4 

Key Terms
coronation - ceremony to be crowned as a ruler 
rickety - not very sturdy or strong
declared - said 
exclaimed  said loudly

coronation cor na a shun
dignitaries - dig na tar ris
celebrate sel i bret 
continued  con tin ued
courtyard court yard 
musical long u
experiences  ex per I en ses 
ceremony cer I mon I 

Who were all the people coming to the Coronation? 
Why did they all come? 
What does Anna feel about it? 
Who is the Duke?  What does he want to do?  
 What is his character? How do we know that?
What would he do if he found out about Elsa's magic?
What do Kristoff and Sven want to do? 
How does Kristoff communicate with Sven? 
Who does Anna really want to meet? 
Who does Elsa want to meet? 
What does Elsa want to do on this important day? 
Why is it dangerous for people to know about Elsa's magic?

How do we know that it is difficult for Elsa to control her magic?


Imagine the author of the book Frozen, is a good friend of yours. Write out an imaginary telephone conversation between the two of you in which you discuss the book you have read and other things as well.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 10 English Conversation Lesson Plan

Here is the Movie Trailer of the Movie "Because of Winn-Dixie"  but you should read the book first!

We are at Chapter 10!

Key Terms:
witch - mythical women who can do magic

tucking tu king

Why does Opal tell Gloria everything about her life?
How do we know that Gloria Dump is a good listener?
Who does all the work in planting the plant?
How do we know that Opal's father likes Winn-Dixie?
How much time has passed so far in the book?
Where does Winn-Dixie like to sleep?


Make a time line of the events that have happened in the book so far:

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Frozen, The Book, Chapter 3, Conversation Lesson

As we continue with our saga, the story gets more and more interesting. . .

Now we find out more about the girls as they grow up! 

Frozen Chapter 3 

Key Terms 

shuttered - closed 
secluded - alone
keep power in check - don't show or display power 
conceal - hide
engulfed - cover over   

lonely  say both l's clearly 
engulfed un gulft 

Why did the parents keep the sisters apart? 
Why did Elsa have to be the next ruler? 
What formed on her fingers when she became emotional? Why? 
Does Elsa agree with her father's advice? 
What does Elsa do when Anna wants to build a snowman? 
How do the girls feel about each other? 
What is going to happen when Elsa turns 21? 

Write Elsa's journal entry of the night before she turns 21.  How does she feel about the event that will happen? 

Write at least 6 sentences. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Because of Winn-Dixie Lesson Plan Chapter 9

Each Chapter of this book gets a different link and picture, just to keep you on your toes!  Today you can research Kate di Camillo!

But really, let's get on with our book!
It is your turn to tell me what has happened in the book so far, Go on, I dare you to write in the comments the major events that have happened in the book!!! Go ahead, I will wait.

No, I won't wait, you are right, it is best just to keep on reading!

No kidding, but if you want, I have an extra copy of the book waiting here in my little hands if someone wants to buy it.  It is a paperback that has been rebound, and is in great condition!
E-mail me at E-mail me now!

Key Terms
for instance - as an example
overgrown - too many plants on one place
hollered- yelled

whispered \\- s is a sss sound
 crinkly - krin kly

How did Winn-Dixie make Opal feel good all the time?
Who did she meet when she was coming out of the pet store?
What did she do in the pet store?
How does she feel about the two boys on bikes?
Who do they think lives in the overgrown garden house?
Why does Winn-Dixie go there?
What does he do there?
How does Opal feel about that person?


Write about the time when you met your best friend.
When did you meet your best friend?
How old were you?
What place were you both?
Are you still friends now?
How often do you speak or write to each other?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Frozen the book Chapter 2 Conversation Lesson Plan
For Each post, I put up different pictures and links, Just to have fun!

Key terms
ancient - very old     section - part wounded - hurt crumbling - falling apart bundled - wrapped up
saddled - put the saddle on the horse thundered - went very fast rumbled - made a loud sound
wary -afraid dismounted get off a horse document- important piece of paper twirled - turn around
effigy - a model of a person

ancient an chent
tucked tuckt
needed  need ed
page  long a
document doc u ment
hooves  huvs
curious cur i us
cried  long i
creatures  kr ee turs
realizing  ree liz ing
cuties  long u
unconscious  un kon shus
persuaded per swad ed
series  sir es
sensible sen si bl
scene  seen
window  win do
remnant rem ent
twirled twurled
effigy - ef i gi


Why did the King go to the library in the castle?
What did he find there?
What did he do then?
Which girl rode with the Queen?  With the King?
What happens with the rocks?
Who else is on the hillside?
What does the old troll do?  What is his name?
Why does he say that a head injury is easier to deal with?
What happens to Anna?
What will she remember now?
What warning does he give to Elsa?
What is the old troll's advice?

Write about a time that you had to keep a secret.  What was the secret?  Who did you have to hide it from? What did you do?  Predict what Elsa's family is going to do to keep the secret of her powers from everyone.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 8 English conversation Lesson Plan

I hope that you have been having fun reading Because of Winn-Dixie.  I don't know about you, but I prefer to read the book and then see the movie!  So today we are working on Chapter 8.

Key Terms
installment plan - to pay for an item a little each month
dust bunnies - patches of dust on the floor

healthy  hel thy
combination com bi na shun
slicked  sl iket

Why does Opal think that Winn-Dixie need a collar and leash?
Where is the best place to get this?
Why doesn't Winn-Dixie come inside the store?
Why doesn't the worker like the installment plan?
What does Opal suggest instead?
Does she get the job?
Who does she meet outside the store?
How does Opal feel about this person?
What event does Opal get invited to?
When is it?
How does Opal feel now living in Naomi, Florida?

Give Opal advice about how to make new friends.  What steps would you advise her to do?

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 7 Lesson Plan

Because of Winn-Dixie is a popular book and movie.  Chapters of it are in The California Treasures series.  But the best way to enjoy the book is to read it yourself.  We are working on Chapter 6 today!

Key Terms

Palmetto trees
prideful - full of pride
little-miss-know-it-all   someone who thinks they know everything
miss-smarty-pants - someone who thinks they know everything
tease - make fun of someone
friendless - without friends

mosquitoes-  mos ki tos
peculiar - pe ku lar

What does Miss Franny Block ask her father for her birthday?
Is this a good gift for a young girl?
What did it teach Miss Block?
Why did Miss Franny think she knew everything?
Why does Miss Franny remember the exact day of the week when something strange happened?
What was the strange animal?
What did it want?
How did the other children say to Franny?
How did Winn-Dixie react to the story?
Who else came into the library?
How does Opal feel about that person?


Write a blog post advertising your local library,. Persuade your blog readers to go to the library:  Where is it?  What are the library hours?
 How many rooms does it have?  What type of books does it have?   Who are the librarians?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Frozen - The book, Lesson Plan 2 Chapter 1

Did you read the Prologue?  If not, here is the lesson plan link: Prologue, Lesson Plan 1

I hope that you have read the Prologue, it really sets the stage for the book and the first chapter.. 

Key Terms:
fjord, a narrow part of the ocean between cliffs or steep hills or mountains
bright luster - pearly lights 
grumbled - complain quietly about something 
ducked under the covers - go back to sleep
lopsided - one side smaller or larger than the other
aloft - up in the air 
fearless,- without fear
went awry. - went wrong 
“This is getting out of hand!” - too much to control 

The Northern lights 

silent - long I
 waking - long a
 begging - short e
 royal - ro al
 flurry - flur ri
 create - cre  ate
 twirl - move hand in a circle
pretending - pre tend ing
icy - ic ee
created - cre a ted
 tossed  - toss et
 making - mak king
slipped -. slipet
 awry.- a rye
unconscious - un con shus
pure - pur
 desperately - des per at li
icicles - I si ckuls

 gasped - gaspt


What are the events that happened in this chapter? 
Where does Chapter 1 take place? 
Who are the main characters?
How old are they? 
Why doesn't Anna want to go back to sleep? 
What is Elsa's special talent? 
What does she make with her magic? 
How does Anna feel when the girls are playing? 
What happens when Elsa's foot slips? 
Who comes to help the girls?
What is their attitude? 
Predict what happen in Chapter 2 

Compare the two events, the prologue and chapter 1.  What is alike about them, what is different?  How does Kristoff and Sven deal with their situation? How does Elsa deal with hers?  Predict what will happen to Kristoff?  To Elsa? 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Frozen - the Book Lesson Plan 1, Prologue

Frozen is the popular movie, and has a wonderful sound track, it was first a book. Before you go see the movie again, read the book!

This lesson plan will help you!

Key Terms:

atop  - on top of
at attention, - ready to move
hoisted - pulled up
hurtling- falling
glanced - looked at fast
snorted - breathe out air with lots of noise
lanterns - oil lamps
desperately - To want something very bad

wagons  wa gon
hurtling  hurt ling
sled  short e eh sound
desperately des pr et li
imagined i magned  i= ee sound
glanced  gl ansed
hoof  - huf
finishing fi ni shing
wrestled  - w is silent
attached  ed is t sound
 northern nor thern
 creating cre a ting
 gossamer go ssi mer


Where does this story take place?
What type of weather?
What time of year?
What work do the ice harvesters do?
Why is is dangerous?
Why does Kristoff want to work?
Why can't Kristoff join in the work?
Who is with him?
What does Kristoff do?
Predict the reaction of the other workers:
How much can Kristoff and Sven carry?


Write a paragraph about a time that you wanted to do a task and others said it was too hard or difficult.
What did you do?
What should you have done?
Was it a wise choice?

Good Luck!
Your English Teacher- Rachael Alice 

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