Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unemployment in France jumps to 3.43 million people last month

The Government of France has given up with Unemployment. The most recent figures are very disappointing.  If you have ever been unemployed and had to ask for benefits you know how feels.  I, frankly, would rather just get another job, but what happens when the economy is so slow and there are not jobs?  You go to the unemployment line.

Read this article and be prepared to discus it with your English teacher

Key Terms
dramatic leap
worst jobless figures
unemployment line 
troubled mandate
 has swelled
grave error
alarming confession
parlous state
budget deficit
to deviate
last warning
humiliating decision
full-fledged query
biting European sanctions
“tsar system” 
 issue a negative

Why are so many people unemployed? 
What is President Holland doing about this problem?
Why did the Labour Minister François Rebsamen use the word "facelift" to describe the unemployment situation? Why did the newspaper criticize the  Labour Minister?
How does the newspaper  Le Parisien feel about this remark? 
What is the dispute about between Paris and Brussels?
What does Paris want to do? 
What does Brussels want Paris to do? 
What is happening on Sunday in the Ukraine?
Why is Russia pressuring the Ukraine? 
Why did Serge Dassault and  Gérard Depardieu go live in Russia?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ebola Protocols have to change after nurse gets infection from patient.

Ebola is the most communicable disease of the 21st century.  Doctors and nurses who come in contact with sufferers of Ebola run the risk of catching the disease even if they follow current protocols.  This makes if next to impossible to treat Ebola patients.  

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms
 first transmission
“substantially” change  ramp up training front-line
 no margin for error
succumbed to the virus 
had tracked down
 insidious disease
 breach in protocol 

What did you know about Ebola before reading this article? 
In your opinion, what needs to change in the treatment of Ebola patients?
How did the nurse get the infection? 
What was done with the room and his belongings after the first patient died?
What special thing is being done for the nurse? 
Why wasn't this done for the first patient?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

If you have been hit by the Cryptolocker then you can get your files back for free! IT English

There has been a lot of talk and scare tactics going around by PC professionals to have people backup their data off line.  But I don't plan to go back to the time-consuming backup the computer on CD's.  OK, I'll think about it.  If you have been hit by the Cryptolocker, you could have saved your data before hand by having physical backups.   But thanks to security experts you can get your files back!

Read this webpage and discuss it with your English teacher.

Key Terms
online portal
concerted action 
able to grab data
racked up
the keys
unlock files

What was the difference between Cryptolocker and other computer viruses?
How many people actually paid the thieves?
How much money did the thieves get? 
When did the virus first appear?
How much time did the victims have before 
How could you prevent the thieves from getting your data?
How can you get your files back if your computer was infected with this virus?
How often do you backup your data?
Which types of data is most important to you? 
If you had been infected, would you have paid to get your files back? Why or why not? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to learn New Vocabulary in English, with French and Hebrew translations. English lesson

These are words that are very useful in English.  When you are learning new words, the best way to remember them is to work with a low number of words each day.  It is like memorizing a phone number.  In the past phone numbers were 7 digits.  But now most phone numbers in the USA are 10 digits.  So we are used to memorizing 10 different things every day.  So work with 10 new words each day and at the end of a week you will have learned between 60 and 70 new words!

In order to work with the new vocabulary, you need to engage yourself with the words 7 times.   Draw the word.  say the word. Sing the word. Use the word in a sentence. Associate the word with a sound, a picture or a smell.  If it is a word related to food, then imagine tasting the food.

Here is a list of words that you can work on today:

a blow coupמכה
abandonnerto fell out לנשור
il pusmellsמסריח
utilehelpful יעיל
papier liquideliquid paperטיפקס
à mon avisin my opinionמבחינתי
mandarinmandarin orangesמנדרינה
étapestage שלב
je me suis cachéto be hiddenהסתרתי
moyenne estaverageממוצע
rassembler / arrondirround up מעגל

Now write sentences using your new words:











How does the Ebola virsus affect the body? English lesson

The news that the second diagnosis of Ebola has been identified in Texas. This news has caused a lot of concern that the virus could spread from Western Africa to other countries.  I was speaking to a medical doctor from Italy recently, and he said that 60-90% of people who catch Ebola die from the disease.  The health care system in Israel is even preparing drills  on October 17th at the Ben Gurion Airport to help airport workers identify Ebola victims as they either might be coming into the country from outside.

This article that I am suggesting you read is not very long and is very technical, but as this is a health issue that could potentially affect us all, I feel that it is very important for everyone to be informed.

Key Terms
fatal disease
humans and primates
emerged sporadically
are prone to get infected
 virus transmission
 systemic, meaning that it attacks every organ and tissue of the human body
 blood clotting
virus particles
connective tissue
Spontaneous bleeding
renal failure

When was the virus first noticed?
Why is it named "Ebola"
What are the first symptoms?
How is it transmitted from person to person?
Who is most likely to be infected first?
Who is most likely to be infected next?
How does the virus affect the body?
The Americans are testing an experimental drug on victims of the disease. Would you take this drug if you had Ebola?
In history there have been epidemics before.  What can we learn from the past about treating Ebola now?
Do you think that there is a way to protect other countries from Ebola?
What is the best way to help people in Africa from getting the disease?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ultraviolet light disinfection in Your local Hospital Ask for it NOW! Medical English

It is really science fiction come true, and I really hope that this machine would come to Israel and disinfect all the hospitals here.Maybe it won't kill the virus once a person has been infected, but it might prevent the hospital from being an infection center.    Maybe the company can make a portable model that can be rented out to schools, medical clinics and even private homes. 

Read this webpage and discuss it with your English teacher and then get on the phone to get one YOUR local hospital

Key Terms
medical interventions
quarantine centers
 viable lifesaving invention
 xenon-generated UV light 
destroys the integrity
RNA that viruses are made of
"vampire" virus 
noble gases
toxic mercury
secondary risk
chemical residue
specific frequencies 
 bacterial superbugs
viral strains

What is the danger of going into a hospital?
How do doctors and nurses deal with keeping the hospital clean?
Why is this not effective when it comes to viruses?
How can this new machine disinfect rooms from Ebola?
What makes this robot effective?
How does it work? 
What is the difference between using this machine and traditional disinfectants?
How effective is it?
Are you personally scared of Ebola?
What precautions are you taking to help yourself in just in case? 
Has Ebola been reported in your country?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Comet Sliding Spring coming Today to visit Mars! English lesson

This comet is a visitor to Mars and the inner Solar System from the Oort Cloud, that is far away from the sun, but still a part of our solar system.  The comet started is sunward journey about a million years ago.  On Sunday night it will make a close call on Mars, where Nasa has three orbiters, and two rovers in place to observe and analyze the event.   There are also two more orbiters one from the European Space agency and one from India on hand as well. 

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms
the best seats in the house
have fingers crossed
farther afield
a sharp lookout
gaseous coma
recorded history
composition and structure
fry electronics
puncture fuel lines
deemed minimal
duck and cover
prudentWhicomplex beasts

What is surprising about this comet?
When was it first discovered?
When did it start its journey to the inner solar system?
What is a comet made from?
Why could the comet be dangerous to spacecraft in orbit around Mars?
How many spacecraft will observe it?
When will the comet come within close range of Mars?
Where on Earth will we be able to see the comet?
Which equipment can you use to see the comet?
What type of information are scientists looking for?
Have you ever seen a comet?  When? Where?
Have you ever been to an observatory? Which one?
What is there to see and do there for the public?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win the Nobel Peace Prize

Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head by the Taliban two years ago, is sharing the Nobel Peace Prize with Kailash Satyarthi.  She wanted to go back to school, she wanted to learn and to be who "I can be." She had wanted to become a doctor, but now she wants to become a politician. She advocates every child to go to school, and stand up for their rights. 

Listen to the first part, it was very emotional for me, I was very moved.  If you have time, also listen to the second part, where Malala is speaking with more details.

Key Terms

vocal segment
global recognition
prone to conspiracy
preteen years
public activism


What happened to Malala?
Where was she hospitalized?
What is Malala's position about education?
What did Malala do when she found about winning the Nobel Peace Prize?
Why did Malala say she didn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
Why did she finally accept it?
How old is Malala now?
What is Malala going to do now? 
Where is she living now? 
What has Kailash Satyarthi been working for? What did he do? 
What do you think about the trend of give the Nobel Peace Price to activists rather than famous people? 
What is the difference between the Nobel Peace Prize and the prizes give for science and literature? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The New Age is here! Seal and Heal your Aura - English lesson

It seems as if you see this kind of thing in many surprising places.  Many people go to alternative medicine to get relief for symptoms that Western Medicine can't just seem to heal.  I'm not saying that this works, but as an exercise, it can't hurt.

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms

seal your aurastorehouse
alternative therapiesaccumulating
curing and healingphenomenon
alternative therapiesmood
morning sicknessinsecurities
homeopathout-of-the-world experience
astrologerzero-thought state
aura scannedunworthy
perceptual abilityfoul energies
optimum approachprana
spiritually evolvedhealth rays
electromagnetic energypranayama
inner strengthdiminished
auric bodymanifestation

Do you believe in Alternative Health therapies?
Have you ever been to a holistic health practitioner?
Do you do any type of meditation? 
Is there a difference in your opinion between curing and healing?
What is the first step in aura healing?
What is the second step?
What types of food are best to eat according to these theories?
Where are the roots of most problems?
Where does an illness start according to aura healing theory?
How can you prevent an illness? 
How long does it take for the aura to get sick and transfer that illness to the body?
Can you see an aura?
Can you feel it?
How often does a person have to "heal the aura?" 
Can a person do it by themselves?

Which audience is this article written for? 
Do you think that the business of holistic health practices is growing or shrinking?
What is the typical price that a holistic health practitioner charges in your city? 
Do the therapies actually help? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher

Monday, October 13, 2014

Traveling to Philadelphia - Travel English

Traveling to different places in the United States is a good way to improve your English.  Philadelphia is a historical city on the Eastern seaboard in the United States. There are many places to visit, museums, and other attractions. 

Read this article and prepare it to speak about Philadelphia with your English teacher.

Key terms
 main port
Philadelphia means: The City of Brotherly Love.
the capital
loaded with character
quaint stores
to behold
glory of nature
specialty markets
 very hip and upscale
pulse race
 a stop over

Where is Philadelphia?
Who founded Philadelphia?
What does the name Philadelphia mean in English?
What was signed in Philadelphia during the American Revolution?
Which is the most famous museum in Philadelphia?
Which sporting events would you like to go to? 
Where can you go shopping at a hip store?
Which famous movie was filmed in Philadelphia?
Where can you buy liquor? 
Which museum can you see French Impressionist Art?

Plan your next trip to the East Coast with a stopover in Philadelphia!

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Over 50 years old Job Market does exist! Business English

The adage that the job goes to the young and fit may be true, but there are still jobs out there for the older and more experienced crowd.  Don't give up hope to find your dream job even if you are looking at a job change not by choice and you are over 50.  

Read this article and discuss it or write out the answers and review with your English teacher. 

Key Terms

tight job market
take stock
reflecting on the question
gainfully employed 
gone overboard
marked to market
who you know
what you know
scouring a source
differentiate yourself 
renewed effort 
 pay off
embracing technological change
 a resume germane
 genuine interest 

Why are you having difficulty in finding a new job?
How many years experience do you have? 
According to the webpage, which questions do you need to answer in before going out on interviews? 
Why do you want to continue to work?
Is is because of job satisfaction, or for the money?
What is the market in your profession willing to pay workers?
Is this close to what you used to get in your previous job? 
Would you be willing to take a pay cut? 
How can you market yourself so that you are the best candidate for the job?
What can you change about your resume?
Can you change anything about your appearance?
How can you become more professional? 
Why are social networks more important now than in the past? 
How can you learn about new technologies? Do you need to take classes? 
Will this be expensive?
Some people like to go to a job interview and talk from the top of their head, others like to prepare,  which do you think will work for you?  

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach, Professional English teacher. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to get a higher score on the Toefl Speaking

You have taken the plunge and signed up for the TOEFL test.  Now you have to study but How? 
This blog post gives you practical advice about how to study so you can raise your speaking score.

Key Terms
go blank
speech patterns
stressed out

What part of the TOEFL is the most difficult for you? 
Which part of English grammar is your weak point?
Which part of English grammar is your strong point?
How much time do you plan to study for the test?
How much time do you spend speaking English during a typical day?
How long have you been studying English? 
Why do you need to take this test?
What English tests have you taken in the past? 
Were you satisfied with your score?
Which strategy that your read about in the article is new to you? 
Would you try to apply this strategy?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Otbach - Professional English Teacher  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Research the company that you are interviewing for Before the Interview! Job Interview

Back in the old days, if you wanted to research a company, you had to go to the Library!  During my last year at UCLA, it became clear to me that a BA in  Anthropology was not going to get me very far, and I would have had to go all the way to a Ph.D.  Well, I did an about face and started interviewing for work in business.

That year the department stores were doing well  this was in the 1980's and they were hiring for First Level Managers.  I got interviews with Sears and JCPenney.  I found books about both.  When I went to the interviews, I was able to tell about the history of the company.

What I liked about JCPenney was that he was a "go getter."   He started in the "Old West" of the United States.  When he wanted to hire a new store manager, he would take the man out to dinner. If the potential job candidate put salt on his food before tasting, then James Cash Penney wouldn't hire him.  He would end the dinner on a nice note, but continue looking.  Why did he do that?  Well, he felt, that people need to taste the food and then decide if it needs salt.  This is a characteristic in life. First you try a technique, and then if it goes well, you go with it, otherwise you change it.

 I told this story to the interviewer, and I got the job even though I was sick with a cold during the interview.  I had copies of my resume, fresh from university, I was dressed correctly, and so was everyone else.  But I knew the history of the company.   By the way, I was very successful at JCPenney, I got promoted from the Infants department, went on to manage the Boys sportswear department, got responsibility for Sporting goods as well, and I was promoted  a year later to a different store, and had responsibility for all of Women's Sportswear.  I would probably have stayed at JCPenney for a long time if I had stayed in Los Angeles.

Nowadays, you don't have to go searching for a book.  Read this blog post and find out the modern ways to do research!

Good luck in doing your job interview research!

Key Terms
dead in the water
make or break
concerns raised
service names
the party line
product names
brand names
dig in

Are you a member of LinkedIN?  
Have you been contacted by a company who looked at your profile from LinkedIN?
What information can you get from the company's website? 
What information can you get from Yahoo Finance? Google? 
Does the information about stock prices make a big difference for you?
If the company's stock is going down, would you consider working for the company?
Would you go to Facebook to get information? 
What would you do if you found unfavorable information about a company on Facebook?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher

A Video A Day Helps You Learn English - Bucket List

What is a bucket list?  Well, you have to watch the video to find out, Don't worry, it will only take a MINUTE!  Well, three minutes be...